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Get paid while sitting at home. Invest as little as 10,000 and get triple your money.

How it works


Let's show you how it's done

Let's quickly show you what happens when you hit the sign up button.

You Pay as little as 10,000 to start.

Get 200% of your initial amount on your first 3 transactions.

Earn 300% of your initial payment after your first 3 transactions.

What we offer


User Account Accessibility

We make sure that all user accounts are easily accessible, secure and interactive. This way, we bring you the very best experience while on our platform.

Support Tickets

We allow you to communicate with our support team very easily making the experience more like a messaging system.

Earn Multiple

With our automatic way of doing every thing in the system, you don't need to wait for a day, week or any time for that matter. Get paired immediately and earn multiple instantly.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Our security team is always watching out for scammers on the platform. So you don't need to be worried about a user refusing to pay because we've got you covered.

Instant Recycle

We have an instant recycle system that increases your cashback the more times you do transactions on our site.

Speedy Pairing

With our system, everything is done quickly so you can do multiple transactions in a day without any hurdles or time delay.

What are our plans


Level 1


100% Cashback

20,000 Profit

30,000 Mega Profit

Level 2


100% Cashback

40,000 Profit

60,000 Mega Profit

Level 3


100% Cashback

60,000 Profit

90,000 Mega Profit

Level 4


100% Cashback

100,000 Profit

150,000 Mega Profit

What do you want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get paid?

It doesn't take any time at all. The system pays sequentially and moves very fast.

Is the system a manual system?

No. The platform is run on an automatic pairing system. So you don't need to wait for anybody before you make a transaction.

How many times can I pay?

You can make as many transaction as you want in a day. Once you make a payment, contact the receiver and once you're paired, you receive your own money. Immediately you confirm your giver, you can make another payment.

What if a giver refuses to pay?

Every giver has an option to cancel payment on his dashboard. But if he decides not to click it, the duration for every payment is 7 hours. But if you can't wait, you can also contact the admin via support.

What if an account is left dormant for a long time?

There is a 12 hour timer on everybody's dashboard. At the expiration of the 12 hours, the account is blocked. Please don't allow your account to get timed out.

What happens if my account is blocked?

Don't let your account get blocked. Your account get's blocked when you get timed out or refuse to make a payment. Any account that is blocked does not have the promise of being re-opened. But if you think your blocked account is a mistake, you can always send a support message to us via the contact us area.

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